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as, ‘The Entertaining Chef!

At Señor Paella Catering, we don’t just give our clients great food, we entertain them too. It’s an experience they won’t forget. And a business you’ll love.

If your current work life is unfulfilling, think about this.

  • Señor Paella means providing a service you can really be proud of, to customers who will truly appreciate you
  • You'll always be working in an environment where everybody, including you, is having a great time
  • You have total control of your working hours and the complexity of the service you provide
  • Never again will you have two working days the same
  • Part time franchising is the 21st century way to start a new business - allowing business owners to combine family life, hobbies, other work and a social life with a lucrative business. The flexibility of a Señor Paella franchise means that you can choose to franchise part time or full time. It''s up to you!

Psychologists say that one of the most important factors in being able to feel 'happy' in our lives is regular doses of a sense of achievement. Our comprehensive training will ensure that you are able to experience extraordinarily high levels of personal achievement. We all want to be happy in our work.

We can't even begin to describe for you what the reaction of others will be when you tell them what you do for a living.





The Señor Paella catering company was set up in 2005. From day one, it's founders envisaged a nationally recognisable and fully branded business, shared by an innovative and lively team of franchisees.

Every aspect of the comprehensive business system has been designed by professionals with this in mind.

Innovative, unique and stylish, the concept has all the hallmarks of, 'The Next Big Thing' with the huge advantage of expertly designed systems and supports.

Franchise part time if you wish and really enjoy your life with a flexible and lucrative business you can control.

We want you to succeed and we have the experience to help you quickly become established and highly profitable.

With Señor Paella you will be part of a fast growing business in the fast growing hospitality industry without the worry of staff, extensive qualifications or a kitchen.